Learn with Kaya is a children’s educational resource company providing learning plans, activities, worksheets and helpful articles and media for parents and teachers. 

Our focus is on developing:

  • Lesson plans and activities for teachers
  • High quality worksheets and flash cards
  • Articles and how-to guides for parents 
  • Engaging and fun educational videos

Who is Kaya?

When you’re surrounded by the right people, learning can be contagious. Our fictional character Kaya is an excellent example of this; she’s passionate about discovering new things and loves to share her knowledge with others! She’s like an older sibling who will encourage your child as they explore new and exciting activities together!

We hope your children will join Kaya in learning more about language, reading, math, geography, history and much more. 

The team

Grace Hillier

Grace specializes in early-childhood and primary education with a Bachelor of Teaching from the University of Newcastle, Australia. She has been a classroom educator focusing on pre-literacy and English education for children who have learning difficulties. Grace loves seeing children learn to read and grow in their desire to learn new things.

Matt Hillier

Matt has worked in the television and media industry for over a decade, with experience in producing television commercials, book publishing (digital and traditional) and interactive design. He loves to make things look good and enjoys anything creative. Matt’s area of focus for publishing has always been within the education sector.